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Denon HEOS 1 wireless powered speaker Setup is super simple, so you'll be enjoying clear sound in minutes from this compact speaker's two built-in drivers. The ported design offers enhanced bass response. Get two and pair for stereo playback. 5"W x 7 "H x 4 "D Black #033HEOS1B White #033HEOS1W $199.99 Denon Go Pack for HEOS 1 This add-on rechargeable battery and Bluetooth receiver turns the HEOS 1 into a splash-proof portable speaker. Stream audio from any app on your phone for up to 6 hours with a full charge. Black #033HS1GPKB White #033HS1GPKW $99.99 PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT COMPACT MULTI-ROOM SPEAKER Go wireless, go anywhere... Denon HEOS 1 + Go Pack Learn more at The Go Pack turns the HEOS 1 into a portable battery-powered speaker. D enon's HEOS wireless speakers generated lots of buzz around here when we first heard them. So we're excited about the introduction of the HEOS 1, the most compact and affordable of Denon's wireless multi-room speakers. Add wireless music to any room We love a good stereo system, but it's not ideal for every room. The HEOS 1 is an easy way to add music to a kitchen, bedroom, office - any room with a power outlet and access to Wi-Fi . That's all you need to play music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet with the free HEOS app. Add more HEOS speakers to build a whole-house music system. Lots of listening options The HEOS app offers access to all kinds of music. If you listen to Spotify Premium, Pandora , SiriusXM , TIDAL, or free Internet radio, you can listen with HEOS. You can also play music stored on your portable device or a network- connected computer. Go Pack grants our wishes If we had three wishes for the HEOS 1, we'd ask for Bluetooth , water resistance, and battery power. That's just what the optional Denon HEOS Go Pack adds. Attach it to the HEOS 1 to charge it up. Then cover the inputs with the splashguard and take your tunes to go - perfect for a day at the pool or a backyard party. 11

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