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Sound bars offer flexible placement options Since sound bars are much slimmer than bases, there are a variety of ways you can set them up. If your TV sits on a stand, you can simply rest the sound bar in front of it. If your TV is mounted on a wall, just place the bar on a cabinet directly below the TV. Or wall-mount the sound bar under the TV for a clean, elegant look. A separate sub rounds out the sound For truly impactful TV and movie sound, nothing beats a separate subwoofer. Most sound bar systems include wireless subs that give you the thrilling sound effects you've been missing out on while remaining unobtrusive. Because they connect wirelessly, they can be placed almost anywhere in a room, even hidden out of sight. Many wireless subs have independent volume control, so you can adjust the level of bass to suit your taste. See our full selection of sound bars and bases at Customer Review: "The audio performance is simply amazing... Both movie and music performance really stand out...The bar was easily set up and Bluetooth connectivity is as simple as it gets." -ErnieG, California Polk Audio MagniFi This system features a slim sound bar and wireless subwoofer for optimal sound. Polk's VoiceAdjust technology ensures dialogue is clear and easy to understand. Bluetooth and NFC touch- pairing let you play music wirelessly from your phone or tablet. #107MGFi $499.99 s. BAR Another great option Get a bar and sub Klipsch Reference R-20B Four 3" midrange drivers deliver clear dialogue while dual horn tweeters disperse high-frequencies across a wide listening area. The included wireless subwoofer gives you powerful low-end performance you can feel. You can also stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device. #714R20B $799.99 27

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