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Almost perfect Nikki loves her Lincoln. Her 2010 champagne MKZ drives like a champ, the sumptuous leather seats are insanely comfortable, and the onboard SYNC command system is at her beck and call. What could be better? Well... the sound. Luxurious listening Because she likes her dash layout, Nikki decided that replacing her speakers was the best way to overcome the lackluster sound she'd grown tired of. Based on our advice, she went with JVC DRVN Series speakers in all four doors. Their carbon mica woofers improve the bass response, while the three-way designs add extra tweet ers, giving her nice high-range clarity. Overall, Nikki gained a satisfying boost in sound quality compared to her factory package. But if you're thinking she had to shed serious blood, sweat, and tears to get it, you may be surprised. One door, multiply by four "I love learning new stuff," Nikki said as she lifted the door panel off her driver's side door. That's the spirit we love at Crutchfield! Armed with a door panel removal tool, a screwdriver, a socket wrench, and detailed Crutchfield ResearchNotes for her Lincoln MKZ, she was ready for any installation snag. Thankfully, there were very few as she moved from door to door, repeating the process you see to the right. Removing the door panel After removing the appointed screws and fasteners, prying the leather-inlaid and wood- trimmed door panel from her door made Nikki cringe. The first pop sounded ugly, but with a delicate touch and some pressure, the panel came off just as the ResearchNotes described. Removing the old speaker Nikki simply unscrewed four screws. When she compared the speaker coming out of her car with the one that was going in, the difference was undeniable. The magnet on her factory speaker couldn't even attract a paper clip, let alone move a woofer with authority. Wiring the new speaker Thanks to a vehicle-specific wiring harness (free with any car speaker purchase), installing the JVC speaker was a cinch. To make things even easier, the speaker was a perfect fit, screw holes and all, in the Lincoln factory location. Putting the panel back on Nikki waited to reinstall all four door panels until she checked that each speaker worked properly. Putting door panels back on can be tedious work, but it never fazed Nikki. A few hours from start to finish, and she was speeding off to lunch with her new JVCs jumping. Go to to see what we have for your car. JVC DRVN Series 6"x8" 3-way car speakers #105CSV6837 $69.99 See all our JVC car speakers at Free speaker installation gear with most vehicles Free vehicle-specific installation instructions INSTALLATION DISCOVERY When Nikki removed the factory speaker from her driver's side rear door, she found that water was getting trapped in the factory bracket. Over time this was distorting the untreated paper cone of her factory speaker. Good thing she was already replacing it with a durable, polypropylene composite cone that shrugs off inevitable humidity.

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