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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 We are gathered here today Don't skimp on life's precious moments. Toasts, vows, and speeches should reach the back of the room. Attention campers! Move those junior scouts from the pool to the lanyard-making station in record time. Beats the heck out of cupping your hands and shouting. Hayrides begin in ten minutes Fall festivals, fun runs, art in the park. Just a few of the places where loud, clear announcements add to the festivities. Party people in the house tonight! Make it a night to remember next time you throw a house-, yard-, or block-party. Remember to invite the neighbors so they don't call the cops. And the award goes to... They did you proud. Make sure honorees don't miss it when you call their names. Amp it up OK, PA speakers are great for musicians - but not just for vocals. They can make cool amps for guitar heroics. Who's on first? Make Little League feel like the Show. Also great for swim meets, sack races, and more. Going once... Going twice... Sold! If they can hear you, you can sell it. Add excitement to auctions and sales events. QSC K-series powered PA speakers These two-way speakers (one woofer, one tweeter) make setup and use a breeze, with 1000 watts of built-in amplification and back-panel inputs for connecting a microphone, instrument, or a smartphone. 8" woofer #907K8 $649.99 each 10" woofer #907K10 $699.99 each 12" woofer #907K12 $799.99 each See more QSC powered speakers at and more. d begin in Eric Angevine enjoys living life out loud with the help of a powerful PA system. We reward our customers You'll earn Crutchfield Rewards points with every order, which you can use to save money on future purchases. Sign up at

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