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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT GOPRO HERO4 ACTION CAMERAS Capture each spine-tingling moment with a GoPro camera I f you spend your free time hanging ten, four-wheeling, schussing, or soaring, GoPro's rugged action cameras will give you the "HERO" treatment you deserve. A camera that's as tough as you are GoPro HERO4 cameras are dustproof, shockproof and ready for any weather. They can be submerged down to 131 feet, so they're perfect for capturing 12-megapixel still photos and HD video of the swirl of brightly-colored fish you'll find when you explore a coral reef. The HERO4 camera is compatible with a vast array of GoPro mounts that allow you to shoot hands-free video from a dramatic point of view. That's great for life's grand adventures. But you don't have to be a daredevil to enjoy GoPro cameras. Their compact size and simple controls also make it an ideal camera for use in your day-to-day life. Get an integrated LCD touchscreen The GoPro HERO4 Silver is the first GoPro to feature an integrated touch display, so you can use familiar gestures like tap and swipe to control the camera. The large color LCD screen also lets you accurately frame shots and review riveting footage while you're still in the field. GoPro HERO4 Silver with touch display #770HDHY401 $399.99 Get 4K recording and super slo-mo The GoPro HERO4 Black offers cinematic 4K Ultra HD video capture. Its super-fast processor helps record super slow-motion video at 240 frames per second - crucial for picking out details of the scenery as it's whizzing by, or slowing down an impressive acrobatic trick that might otherwise go by in the blink of an eye. GoPro HERO4 Black with 4K Ultra HD recording #770HDHX401 $499.99 Based on 69 reviews* *Get a free 32GB memory Card with purchase. Offer valid through 9/27/15. FREE MEMORY CARD * Learn more about the GoPro HERO4 action cameras at 32 Need a hand deciding? 1-800-217-1059

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