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One of Crutchfield's IT specialists installed this Focal system to replace his BMW's component speaker system. Check out his story at SPEAKERS: Making an immediate and noticeable difference Universal choices For most vehicles, including those that don't work with specific speaker packages, we offer various speaker sizes to fit the factory locations. Aftermarket speakers are built for durability in the tough car environment. And many retain high efficiency ratings that help them sound good even with low-powered factory radios. To help with the installation, we also offer wiring harnesses and brackets for many vehicles. Best of all, these installation items are free with your Crutchfield speaker purchase. Add WIRELESS CONVENIENCE Maybe you've seen hands-free calling and streaming-music capabilities in other car systems. By installing a Bluetooth interface, you can have them without replacing your radio. Vehicle-specific Bluetooth interfaces Audiovox, USA Spec, and Crux (pictured here for Dodge vehicles) offer interfaces for wide range of vehicles, including GM, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Ford, and Toyota models. Prices range from $189.99 - $749.99 See our full selection of Bluetooth adapters at Size up speakers for your car at Made for your vehicle Your factory speakers may be old, damaged, or just not giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling you've experienced with other systems. You'll find that replacing the stock speakers provides more musical depth, clarity, and detail that many factory speakers - even new ones - just can't achieve. Fortunately, several manufacturers, including Focal, make direct speaker integration systems for a variety of vehicles, including select BMW, Ford, VW, GM, Toyota, and Mercedes models. They directly follow the vehicle's mounting patterns and wiring for a straight- forward installation. More importantly, they also deliver the sweet sound you want - even using the factory radio power. Focal vehicle-specific speaker kits In addition to speakers that fit factory locations, Focal speaker kits include just about everything for the job, such as brackets, special tools, and wiring harnesses. Prices range from $279.99 - $599.99 V A c in ar ng To see if we carry vehicle-specific speakers for your car, check out Infinity Reference X Series speakers Highly efficient Infinity Reference X speakers come in a variety of sizes, and work nicely with factory radio power. Prices range from $89.99 - $249.99 35

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