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DIGITAL PROCESSING: Enhancing musical depth and detail 60-day return policy We want you to love your gear. If you don't, you can return any complete, like-new product within 60 days of receiving it. See MORE SOURCES for your ride With interfaces like the Audiovox Carstream, you can plug a SiriusXM tuner directly into your factory radio, letting you use your existing steering wheel controls to choose channels. You also get Bluetooth convenience. Source adapters for factory radios These adapters provide more sources for select GM, BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, VW, and Ford vehicles. Priced at $159 See our source adapters at Plug-in processing Adding speakers and an amp to your factory radio certainly provides a grin of contentment when you hear your new system, but if you're looking for that ear-to-ear smile of satisfaction, you may want to think about adding one more link in the chain - a digital signal processor (DSP). A DSP usually works in between the factory radio and amplifiers you add to your system. Take the new Match DSP: it works with Match vehicle-specific plug-and-play harnesses that connect between your vehicle's harness and your factory radio. Using your computer, you can download software to tweak all aspects of your vehicle's sound environment, set the immersive EQ, and adjust the crossovers. You can load your settings onto a microSD card and plug it into the Match processor. Then you can hook up your amps to the processor's preamp outputs and get all the music detail that your factory system just didn't deliver. Match Digital Signal Processor The Match DSP provides plug-in compatibility for factory radios, configurable inputs and outputs, uploadable DSP settings, six 4-volt preamp outputs, and a 30-band equalizer. #975MATCHD $549.99 Match plug-and-play harnesses Designed for select Toyota, Scion, Honda, Chevy, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Toyota, Jeep, VW, and Subaru vehicles, these harnesses let you plug a compatible Match DSP/amp directly into the factory radio. Price per harness $49.99 See our DSP interfaces at Sometimes you just need to leave the radio out of the equation Sure, you can add an amp to your factory radio by tapping into the speaker wires. However, some amps, like Infinity's new K5, let you power your speakers and pair your smartphone without going through the factory radio. Using Bluetooth , you can stream ultra-clear music and make calls hands-free, even if your radio can't. Infinity uses Clari-fi technology in the K5, which scans and rebuilds lost data from compressed streaming music, restoring much of your music's fidelity. Infinity K5 5-channel amplifier with Clari-fi technology #108K5 $599.99 See our full selection of car amps at lug a David Delamere has helped customers get excellent sound from factory radios since the last millennium.

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