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Loud and Proud Yes, it's rough out there Off-road and work vehicles are made to haul heavy loads and withstand rough and tumble terrain - but often come without a sound system at all. MTX comes to the rescue, offering a variety of solutions that fit a wide range of body styles, bar configurations, cabs, and cages. A sound system for any drive It doesn't matter if you use your UTV for work on a farm, to hit mountain trails, or just to drive around your subdivision - music is a must. Mounting an MTX MUDSYS46 in the cab will provide you with an all-in-one sound system that includes four water-resistant speakers, a digital clock, an AM/FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming from your smart device, and even an auxiliary input for your old MP3 player. MTX MUDSYS46 amplified sound system This system fits cages and rollbars 49.25" to 56" apart. #236MUDSY46 $849.99 MTX MUDSYS41 amplified sound system Same features as the MUDSYS46, except it fits cages and rollbars 43" to 49.5" apart. #236MUDSY41 $849.99 Y ou're an off-road person. Whether for fun on the weekends or work each day, you can't wait to get outside on your UTV and get dirty. And thanks to MTX Audio, you can take music along for the ride in whatever kind of vehicle you have with a 12-volt electrical system - even if it's customized for battle in the post-apocalyptic outback. Music while you work and play BY BUCK POMERANTZ 42 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-217-1059

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