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Plays cool, lasts longer A subwoofer's voice coil puts out a lot of heat when it plays, which could damage the sub if not taken care of. Alpine's patented "Radial Vented Voice Coil Heat Sink & Airflow Management System" uses the motion of the sub itself to suck cool air in and force hot air out, extending the life of the sub. The wraparound port There's no rule that says a port has to be straight, and Alpine cleverly made this one wrap around to save space and keep the enclosure compact. The flared port entrance helps prevent audible "huffing" as air goes in and out. The slanted construction of the port exit serves the same purpose. The Alpine SBR-S8-4 8" subwoofer will fill your ride with cool bass no matter where you put it. Carpet covering protects the enclosure from nicks and scratches, while a metal grille guards the cone against any other hazards in your car. #500SBRS84 $249.99 Fits in and hits hard Check out the interactive version of this article online at 45

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