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Hear every word and whisper A center channel speaker reproduces the lion's share of dialogue for TV shows and movie soundtracks. While tower speakers do a decent job of this on their own, a dedicated center channel speaker provides clearer, more distinct dialogue while anchoring the sound firmly to your TV screen. That extra clarity is especially important when watching dramas, where dialogue is crucial. Brand loyalty pays When choosing a center channel speaker, I recommend getting one that's voice-matched to the other speakers in your system. That means it's been designed to sound similar to your other speakers, providing a smooth, seamless transition as sound follows the action across your TV screen. Definitive Technology's ProCenter 2000 is perfect here - it's voice-matched to our Definitive towers. Surround speakers put you in the action For fans of action movies, it's hard to beat the enveloping feel of surround sound. If that's your top priority, then jump in and get compact speakers to place beside or behind you. For our system I chose a pair of voice-matched Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 45 bookshelf speakers. I like the precise imaging that bookshelf speakers provide to help deliver more direction-specific surround effects. Bipolar speakers are an alternative to bookshelf models. These specialized surround speakers feature cabinets that contain left- and right-firing driver arrays to provide a wider, more diffuse soundfield (similar to the towers on page 47). One of the beauties of building a home theater system step-by-step is that it allows you to pick and choose the right gear for your taste, room size, and budget. So once you have a good stereo setup, what's next? It's really up to you. Here's everything you'll need and a little guidance to help you choose which to add first. Th e next step is up to you Love drama? Get a center speaker next Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 center channel speaker This compact, versatile speaker reproduces crystal-clear dialogue and true-to-life sound effects - perfect for movie and TV watching. #735PCTR2KB $349 See all of our center channel speakers at Dive right into surround sound Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 45 bookshelf speaker Packing an astonishingly big punch into a surprisingly small package, the SM45 offers a perfect balance of style, utility, and performance. #735SM45 $199.99 each 48 Free shipping on everything in this catalog.

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