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Alexander Hrabe is a lover of auto gear, new and old - his classic car sports one of Kenwood's latest receivers as well as a vintage trip computer with 4-digit display. Apple CarPlay in action Android Auto in action Learn more about Android Auto at Can one stereo work well for iPhone and Android? Peter : "I didn't really anticipate loving using Siri so much. With a quick 'Hey Siri,' I could tune Apple Music stations, listen to audiobooks, make calls, get directions, create and send texts, and more. Plus, the direct Lightning connection transferred better audio quality than a Bluetooth connection for both music and phone calls." Morgan: "I'm really impressed with the layout of Android Auto. The things I use most (Google Play Music, Maps, and Phone) are right on the screen without any other radio features getting in the way. The 'look' of those apps is like on my phone, so it feels familiar. It's incredibly responsive and the screen graphics look great." Conclusion : Our testers agree - no matter if you're an Apple or Android fan, you won't find a better in-dash option than a stereo equipped with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The superfans took to the Labs with one question: Check out what Apple CarPlay can do at

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