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Product Spotlight: Logitech Harmony Elite Based on 31 reviews* Based on 69 reviews* Based on 27 reviews* *Average customer reviews on as of 10/6/15 One-touch "activity" icons and a color screen Touch the "Watch TV" icon, and the Harmony 650 automatically assesses the status of your TV, receiver, and cable or satellite box, and turns them all on with the proper settings. It's super easy for your family members and guests to use. #596H650 $79.99 Control everything with your phone The Harmony Smart Control system transforms your smartphone into a powerful Wi-Fi remote that can control up to eight different home theater components. A simple backup remote is also included. #596SMRTCTL $129.99 Customizable swipe-and-tap touchscreen Go from armchair quarterback to field general this bowl sea- son with the Harmony Ultimate One . With an easy-to- read, swipeable touchscreen and 50 one-tap favorite channel icons, you can effortlessly flip from one big play to the next. #596ULTONE $249.99 Other customer-favorite Logitech Harmony universal remotes - l Control up to 15 entertainment and home automation components at once with the Harmony Elite Remote or the Harmony smartphone app. Total entertainment and home control at your fingertips O ne tap of a button dims the lights and turns on the music. Another Rres up the home theater and puts NetSix on the big screen. Sound futuristic? It's real, thanks to the Logitech Harmony Elite remote control. A single remote for your entire home Our customers love Harmony universal remotes for a reason. They let you replace a coffee table full of confusing clickers with a single, simplified interface. The Harmony Elite is the best we've seen yet. Along with operating your TV and home theater setup, you can control your Sonos, Nest thermostat, smart lights, locks, and more - with one thumb. It's the most comprehensive, ergonomic, and user-friendly remote on the market. Easy to set up and use The Harmony Elite fits comfortably in your palm, and the illuminated buttons just seem to be in the right place. The remote learns all your activities, preferences, and quirks - then serves them up on an intuitive touch screen. There's also smartphone-esque gesture control and vibration feedback. It's so simple, you'll find yourself getting more out of all the gear you control with it. Don't feel like making that tiresome walk across the room to grab the Harmony Elite remote? You also get a free app for control with your smartphone or tablet. That's a pretty cool backup remote. Behind closed doors If you keep your cable box, receiver, or other equipment in a cabinet, you can still control it with the Elite thanks to the included Harmony Hub. It allows you to keep your gear out of sight while you remain in control. #596ELiTE $349.99 Get more info at 20 Call us for one-on-one help 1-800-555-9430

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