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Meet the all-new PLAY:5 Sonos redesigned their biggest speaker to make it sound even better. The all-new PLAY:5 is ideal for spaces with vaulted ceilings, open kitchen/family room combinations, and other large rooms. Sonos gave it six built-in drivers to deliver rich, vibrant sound. A convenient new touch feature allows you to effortlessly skip songs and adjust volume with just a swipe of your finger. Thanks to Trueplay tuning (see below), the PLAY:5 can be acoustically balanced for the shape and size of your room. And that optimized sound holds true regardless of the source - Internet radio, your computer's digital music library, Pandora , Spotify , or other streaming music services. Available in white and black. #616PLAY52W $499 Learn more about the all-new PLAY:5 at Ralph Graves is the author of the free e-book Bluetooth and Beyond: CrutchReld's Guide to Wireless Audio , available from iTunes . Sound tailored to your room Want better sound from all your Sonos speakers? Trueplay is a new feature that optimizes the PLAY:1, PLAY:3, or PLAY:5 for any room in your home. It maps the acoustics in your room and adjusts the speaker's sound for top performance. Trueplay is available through the free Sonos control app and works with your iPhone , iPad , or iPod touch . We got a sneak peak of Trueplay back in the summer. In the demo, a PLAY:1 was placed in the corner of a room. It sounded good, but the bass was a little boomy as it reflected off the walls behind the speaker. The demonstrator activated Trueplay on his iPhone and moved about the room. Test tones played, Trueplay worked its magic, and in minutes the speaker sounded much improved, with more balanced bass. Check it all out online Sonos makes it easy to put together a multi-room music system. We can help you sort through all the options, including home theater gear and other cool products. Learn more about Sonos at sonos s Double up on PLAY:1 The compact PLAY:1 is our best-selling Sonos speaker. It's small enough to be placed just about anywhere. Add a second PLAY:1 and place them in separate rooms, or use them as a stereo pair for bigger sound. If you own a Sonos PLAYBAR/SUB home theater system, you can even use a pair of PLAY:1s as rear-channel speakers for a surround sound system. Available in black and white. #616PLAY1W $199 Save almost $50 on two PLAY:1 speakers when you buy the Sonos 2 Room Starter Set. #616P1KiTW $349 While supplies last 23

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