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Free tech support for life Need help with your purchase? You can call us for guidance - whether it's the day you receive your order or 10 years later. See Safe Start your trip with accurate guidance and traffic updates Take the stress out of holiday travel with the 6.1" Garmin nvi 2689LMT portable GPS navigator . It can find popular stopping points through Foursquare , plus provide live traffic reports in metropolitan areas. Bluetooth connectivity enables hands-free calling, while app compatibility lets you add travel extras from Garmin, including parking help and weather info. #1502689LMT $249.99 Sale $229.99 Limited time offer See our full selection at See what's happening behind... If you've got a Garmin nvi like the one at right, the Garmin BC 30 wireless backup camera makes a great safety accessory. It mounts on the back of your vehicle and automatically transmits a wide-angle video image wirelessly to the navigator's screen when you go into reverse. Parking assist guidelines help you gauge distance when you're backing up. #150BC30 $169.99 b Sale $149.99 Limited time offer Learn all the details at Leave your phone alone The JBL Trip Bluetooth speaker system makes it easy to carry on hands-free conversations or stream music from your compatible phone without messy wires. It clips securely onto your visor, so you can move it easily between vehicles, including rental cars. The Trip's battery works for up to 8 hours between chargings, so you can take it on a road trip without fear of losing juice. #109TRiP $99.99 Find out more at Increase your awareness Thanks to built-in GPS, you can program the Escort Max 360 radar detector to let you know when you're driving over the posted speed limit. It'll also warn you about upcoming red light cameras. Its directional arrow display indicates instantly where detected signals are coming from, so you can adjust accordingly. The bright color screen provides plenty of info. #036MAX360 $649.99 Sorry, we cannot ship radar detectors to Virginia or the District of Columbia. Check it out at Garmin nvi sold separately. G so ...and in front of you Need a heads up? The Garmin Dash Cam 35 features a full-color 3" LCD screen, so you can take a look at recent events if there's an incident. It also alerts you to red light and speed cameras on the horizon. Most importantly, it provides forward collision warnings if it senses you're too close to the vehicle ahead and traveling too quickly to stop. #150DCAM35 $199.99 Take a tour of this dash cam's features at Travels Cool gadgets for 25

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