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BY DOMINIC DEVITO Stage 1: Dash overhaul Alpine Restyle receivers with built-in GPS navigation boast larger-than-life 9" touchscreens for quick access to music and info. You can see everything clearly on the display and enjoy a wealth of audio sources as you travel. The receivers even integrate your factory climate controls and let you keep the factory extras you love. Alpine Restyle receivers and dash kits are available for most recent full-size Ford, Ram, GM/Chevrolet, and Toyota trucks, plus select Jeep Wrangler models. Stage 2: Sonic improvements Alpine is now introducing Direct Fit Restyle speakers engineered for specific vehicles. These speakers surround you with Alpine's trademark realistic stereo imaging and accurate staging of your music's elements, no matter what kind of tunes make you happy. They'll enhance your drive with more potent punch and clarity, and you'll hear details and bass response far exceeding what your system delivered before. For now, Alpine offers Direct Fit Restyle speakers for select GM full-size trucks and SUVs only. This speaker package includes a 2-way component system set that replaces the factory front and rear speakers, and includes hardware and brackets. A lpine's Restyle line of receivers changed the game for truck owners, with massive screens and custom-Rt dash kits. Now Alpine's added even more upgrade options for improved sound, elegant looks, and convenient installation. Want to revolutionize your ride? Here's how: Transforming looks and sound: CUSTOM-FIT TRUCK UPGRADES See the full Alpine Restyle line and look for more speaker packages in 2016 at restyle y 28 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-217-1059

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