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Product Spotlight: Yamaha MusicCast System Yamahas latest receivers oer Wireless multi-room sound T here are lots of options to get music playing throughout your home - without running speaker wires through walls. So what makes Yamaha's new MusicCast system unique? It's the Rrst multi-room music- streaming platform we've seen that comes built into a home theater receiver. Music beyond your home theater With MusicCast built into Yamaha's latest receivers, your home theater can be the epicenter of your whole-house audio system. You get the benefits of typical receiver functions, like surround sound and streaming music, along with a very cool wireless system that works with new gear from Yamaha - or even with your own Bluetooth speaker or headphones. When it comes to sharing music wirelessly throughout the house, the app is the key. Yamaha's top-rated home theater remote app is outstanding, and our first look at the MusicCast app impressed us - it's both powerful and easy to use. Yamaha RX-V479 home theater receiver with MusicCast Connect your TV, cable box, disc player, game console, and streaming media device to this 5.1-channel receiver. Then you can send audio from any of these devices (or from built-in music services like Spotify ) over your Wi-Fi network to as many as nine other MusicCast speakers, sound bars, or receivers. #022RXV479 $399.99 Get all the details at *Get $25 off the Yamaha WX-030 powered speaker when you buy a qualifying Yamaha receiver with MusicCast built-in, like the RX-V479 shown above. Valid through 1/2/16. SAVE $25 * Add MusicCast to any room Want to enjoy the same music in the bedroom and the living room? Or play audio from the movie in the kitchen while you prepare a snack? You can do it with MusicCast. The Yamaha WX-030 powered speaker (shown left) is a compact solution for music in any room. Or get great TV sound and wireless music with the Yamaha YSP-1600 sound bar . Even without a home theater receiver, these items offer multi-room versatility to build a wireless whole-house system. Yamaha MusicCast WX-030 powered speaker Add great-sounding wireless music to any room. Add more and play the same song throughout the house. White #022WX030WH Black #022WX030BL $249.99 Yamaha YSP-1600 sound bar with MusicCast Robust TV sound and wireless music. See page 17. #022YSP1600 $499.99 See all of our MusicCast compatible gear at Creating a whole-house audio system is easy with MusicCast. Just add a sound bar or powered speakers to any room. 3

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