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Find what fits your car With over 25,000 vehicles in our database, we'll help you Rnd the speakers, stereos, and other products that work in your car. See Compact subwoofer under a seat ... A stealthy subwoofer is a good solution for adding oomph to a system. A compact sub like the 3" tall Kicker Hideaway powered subwoofer will fit under many seats or in storage areas, and rock your ride with bass. Kicker Hideaway compact powered subwoofer #20611HS8 $299.99 ... Or a big sub in the trunk If you're a fan of big bass and have the room, consider a sealed subwoofer enclosure. This one from Kicker comes preloaded with a 10" CompRT subwoofer. Put it in your rear hatch area, trunk, or behind a seat, and it can blast out enough bass to not just reach your ears, but rattle your bones too. A subwoofer needs much more power than a full-range speaker for the bass to sound right, and all speakers sound better when amplified. A 5-channel amplifier puts out just the right balance of power to run four full-range speakers or components and a subwoofer. The CX600.5 from Kicker is small enough to fit in a lot of different locations and strong enough to do the job. Kicker 10" CompRT sealed enclosure #2064TRT104 $249.99bSale $199.99 Kicker CX600.5 5-channel car amplifier #2062CX6005 $399.99bSale $349.99 Get $50 off select Kicker amps and subs. Offers good through 12/31/2015 SAVE $50 SAVE UP TO $20 SAVE UP TO $20 Full-range speakers in the rear doors Rear doors are ideal for coaxial speakers, which feature tweeters and woofers mounted together. They provide full-range depth, as well as improved listening for those in the back seat. Kicker 6" KS Series speakers #20641KSC654 $99.99 b Sale $79.99 *Offer good through 12/31/2015 Speakers in the rear deck Perhaps your car has openings for big 6"x 9" speakers in the rear deck. These speakers can play some of the low notes approaching subwoofer territory as well as all the mids and highs, so you feel as well as hear your beats better. Kicker 6"x9" CS Series speakers #2064CS6934 $99.99 b Sale $79.99 *Offer good through 12/31/2015 33

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