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WHY CHOOSE CRUTCHFIELD? Go to to see what we have for your car. Free vehicle-speciRc installation instructions We've created our exclusive MasterSheet instructions for thousands of vehicles, providing you the guidance you need. Best of all, they're free with the purchase of any receiver or speakers. SOUPING UP HIS SUBARU The objective: Improving the sound quality was the first priority. When Mark listened to the music stored on his iPhone through the Subaru's factory system, he noticed the sound was muddled. And since he's passionate about music, Mark knew that wasn't going to cut it. We advised Mark that upgrading the speakers would make one of the biggest differences in the overall sound of his system. The concern: Mark had no hands-on experience in terms of car audio installation, and this car was his new baby, so he was a little hesitant to take his ride apart. We assured him that he could safely do the job and make his affection for his Subaru even stronger. BY DAVID DELAMERE M ark, an IT technician, knew he wanted to perform two upgrades to his new 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek: a new audio system and a Thule bike rack. But instead of paying a professional like he had with his previous vehicle, Mark asked his good friend (and CrutchReld car audio buyer) Stephen if he could install all of this gear himself. Stephen let him know that with our help, he deRnitely could. 38

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