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Save on vehicle- speciRc and universal installation gear Installation items like wiring harnesses and mounting brackets are deeply discounted when you buy a new set of speakers from us. Free lifetime tech support Get help with anything you've purchased from us, no matter how long ago you bought it. Our advisors are here to help (and they're really good!) Not only are our advisors rigorously trained, they're also enthusiastic about what we sell. They can provide you the answers you need, using tools we've created to manage our extensive vehicle and product info. Mark admitted he's a technology geek, so he was a little bummed when we broke the bad news that a receiver kit hadn't been made for his Subaru yet. This meant he couldn't replace his factory radio without major fabrication. So he decided he would install a new radio when the kit is finally available. However, Mark didn't have to wait to improve the sound. When he listened to his music, he noticed he couldn't distinguish individual instruments. The sound didn't have that pop that makes the hair on his neck stand up. New speakers would fix this problem. New components set the stage Mark wanted to change all the speakers, including the little tweeters in the dash. Since the front speakers are the most important for the soundstage, Mark installed a set of components to improve the overall stereo imaging and detail from his music. These speakers fit in the Subaru's factory locations and offer the efficiency needed to work with the factory radio's power. Speakers to match the front Since he didn't want the sound characteristics to vary between the front and rear speakers, Mark took our recommendation to go with a set of Rockford Fosgate speakers from the same Punch series for a consistent sound in the rear door locations. After cutting the backs out of foam baffles to retain bass, Mark installed them between the speaker and the door's sheet metal to seal any gaps. These speakers provide good rear sound fill for his system. Adding some low-end throttle Mark wasn't sure about the need for a subwoofer, nor was he keen on giving up cargo space. However, we let him know that a sub rounds out his music's bass response in a way that smaller speakers simply can't. Plus, it wouldn't take up all the space. The Rockford Fosgate sub he chose delivers a solid bass punch, and enables Mark to reposition or completely remove it when he needs more space in the hatch. He can then quickly reinstall it when he wants to take it up a notch. NEW GEAR FOR A NEW CAR Rockford Fosgate Punch P165-SI 6" component speakers #575P165Si $199.99 pair Rockford Fosgate Punch P152 5" coaxial speakers #575P152 $99.99 pair Rockford Fosgate Punch P300-10 10" powered subwoofer #575P30010 $279.99 Because of his willingness to help with our article, Mark received his gear compliments of CrutchReld.

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