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WE CAN HELP YOU INSTALL A CAR STEREO, TOO! Deep discounts when installing a new car receiver Although Mark couldn't install a new radio this time, he knows he will once an installation kit is made for his Subaru. We let him know that when he buys his new radio from Crutchfield, he'll enjoy the discounts we offer on the kit, wiring harness, antenna adapter, and steering wheel audio control interface he'll need for his vehicle. Like Mark, you'll also save money on the installation gear made for your vehicle when you buy your new car stereo from us. Mark began his speaker installation by removing the factory speakers in the dash locations. This consisted of simply prying up the grilles and unscrewing the tweeters. He made his way to the four door panels, which had to be removed to access the stock speakers. By using a nice balance of pressure and leverage with Bojo panel tools (see next page), the door panels released. Once they were off, he simply unscrewed the factory speakers to make way for the new ones. In with the new speakers The Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers were not "drop-in" replacements, but Mark knew that the various tasks necessary to get them installed were going to pay off. With some advice from Crutchfield, Mark made new tweeter brackets from bendable receiver backstraps, drilled some new mounting holes for the woofers, and ran some wire. In a couple of hours, Mark mounted his new speakers and was ready for a sound check. Even though he was using the factory power, Mark immediately heard revitalized sound from his favorite music. The depth and detail jumped out, while the muddled sound was gone. Instruments were now distinguishable, and vocals were clear and out in front of the band. Mark didn't have to say much; his smile said it all. Mark pried the door panels o slowly, waiting for that telltale pop, which let him know that the snaps had released. He then detached the door latch cables and wiring harnesses for the power windows. With some guidance from CrutchReld, Mark used a Wire Worm tool (see next page) to Rsh new speaker wire through the door grommet, linking the dash tweeter and door woofer locations. Because the new speakers didnt match the mounting holes in the doors, Mark prepared to drill new holes by marking the mounting pattern of the speaker. The huge magnet on the Rockford Fosgate speaker (left) dwarfs the puny magnet on the factory speaker. A bigger magnet means bigger and more controlled movement of the cone, which in turn means bigger and better sound. After completing the Rrst step of removing the factory tweeters from the dash, Marks conRdence skyrocketed. MAGIC MOUNT Scosche MAGVM magicMOUNT This vent-mounted device holder keeps Mark's phone in view, and lets him quickly release it when needed. #142MAGVM $19.99 Mark showed us that drilling into the door locations doesn't have to be nerve-racking. Many times, the holes designed for factory speakers won't quite align with mounting tabs on new speakers, or even on the brackets we may offer for the vehicle. With planning, drilling new holes becomes just the next step to great sound. SPEAKERS: A DISTINCT UPGRADE Some additional work for awesome sound WECANHELPYOUINSTALLA

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