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We also oer discounts on handy tools like these when you buy a new stereo from us Pro.Fit's Wire Worm lets you run wire in tight spaces. #042DM4533 $12.99 S&G's wire stripper preps wires quickly. #18119100 $19.99 Bojo trim panel tools work on a variety of panel types. #126CR3NGL $11.99 Posi-Product connectors let you tap wires without cutting. #669PP605 $8.99 ADDING A SLEEK THULE BIKE CARRIER Because of his growing interest in cycling, Mark added a Thule roof-mounted bike rack that integrated with the Subaru's roof rails. Now he and his wife can tote their bikes just about anywhere. Thule's Rapid CrossRoad railing foot packs secured a set of AeroBlade S3 mounting bars to the Crosstrek's existing roof rails. Mark then installed two Thule 528 Sprint fork-mounted bike carriers on the bars, providing a strong and easily adjustable system for both bikes. With a tech advisor's help, Mark identiRed and spliced into the rear speaker wires for his signal connection. He then gathered the wiring bundle at the subwoofer's location and plugged it all in. The Rockford Fosgate Punch P300-10 looked right at home in the hatch of the Subaru. Because he left some slack in the wiring bundle, Mark can shift it left or right, in case he needs to lay one of the seats down. Mark had to remove some of the cargo Sooring and panels to Rnd a chassis bolt with no paint on it to get a good ground contact for the sub's amp. A bad ground can promote unwanted noise in a system. With the Subaru's power disconnected, Mark ran the subwoofer's power cable through a grommet in the bulkhead and under the door trim to the rear of the vehicle. Mark fastened two AeroBlades to his Subaru's stock roof rack using the straps on Thule's Rapid CrossRoad Railing foot packs. Once the AeroBlades were in place, he cinched the straps on the Sprint fork-mount bike carriers to them. Their adjustable knobs let Mark lock the front forks on his bikes. To help complete his overall boost in sound quality, Mark also installed a powered subwoofer. He and his wife weren't looking for that over-the-top thump you might hear cruisin' on the strip on a Saturday night; instead, they wanted nice low-frequency enhancement that could get them into the music without taking up all their room. Mark had to run power, ground, and signal wires for the powered sub, so it was more involved than the speakers. But once he had the wiring in place and the sub's blue light kicked on, Mark was astounded by what he'd been missing. He couldn't believe the amount of bass this low-profile subwoofer offered. He told us later that he giggled with satisfaction as he jammed on down the road. Thule 528 Sprint Fork Mount Bike Carrier #094528 $259.99 each Thule ARB53B, AeroBlade 53 inch black #094ARB53B $199.99 pair Thule 450R, Rapid CrossRoad Railing Foot Pack #094450R $199.99 THE BASS ASSIST Check out the entire installation at 41

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