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A driver's delight PICKS FOR THE MUSIC LOVER ON THE GO Tailor-made sound While a lot of cars make installing superior speakers easy, some can test your patience. For many popular BMWs, MATCH offers the perfect solution high-quality speakers like this MS42C-BMW.1 4 " component system that fit directly in the factory locations of specific BMWs, and deliver audiophile-grade sound. #975MS4CBMW $289.99 $231.99 Save 20% on all MATCH speakers for a limited time Learn more at Hearing is believing Audiophiles, rejoice! Behold some of the best car sound available Focal Expert Series component speakers . Hand-crafted polyglass woofers and inverted dome tweeters give you sound as rich as a holiday banquet. 5 1 /4 " system #091PS130V $449.99 6 3 /4 " system #091PS165V $449.99 Call for a special price See more Focal components at The heart of your system Power your whole system with this practical amp. The premium Kenwood Excelon XR900-5 amp supplies up to 60 watts RMS to four speakers, plus up to 600 watts for a sub in 5-channel mode. Switch to 3-channel mode and get mega- power for a pair of high-performance components and a sub. #113XR9005 $499.99 Recommended wiring kit #575RFK4 $89.99 $67.49 *Save 25% on a compatible wiring kit when you buy a qualifying amp GET 25% OFF A WIRING KIT* SAVE 20% 8 Free lifetime tech support on everything you buy from us. See

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