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SAVE 25% on a compatible amp wiring kit FREE BASS LEVEL KNOB with select Alpine amplifiers Sound value The Polk Audio DB+ Series is hard to beat when it comes to value. You'll get great clarity and detail from high power or low, and Polk builds these speakers to withstand heavy moisture, so they'll live a long, musical life in your car doors. Or add them to a motorcycle for premium sound on the open road. Polk Audio DB+ Series speakers Prices range from $69.99 - $169.99 Pickup power If you own a pickup or a convertible that has limited space, but want a nicely balanced system, this amp is the one for you. It offers exceptional build quality, small form factor, and is all about sound quality. With its 3 channels, you can run a pair of speakers at 75 watts RMS and a sub at 300 watts RMS. Prepare to be popular. JL Audio XD500/3v2 #13698603 $449.99 See more XD Series amps at Subwoofer wishes Simply put, this is big sound in a small package. This mono amp packs a punch, but with enough precision to pair beautifully with higher-end subwoofers that focus on sound quality. If you're looking for one of the best values in amps on the market, check out Alpine's MRV Series first. Alpine MRV-M500 #500MRVM500 $199.99 Plus get a free remote bass level knob Offer good through 12/31/2016 Full selecton at Make em Morel New speakers give you better clarity and more detail. Go with Morel Tempo Ultra Components for well-balanced sound and a nicely textured midrange. Our audiophile customers especially love the immersive soundstage these speakers provide. And while they're efficient enough to work with a factory receiver, an amp will really make them perform. Morel Tempo Ultra Series components Prices range from $399.99 - $429.99 15

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