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OUR TEST SONGS O TANNENBAUM" BY THE VINCE GUARALDI TRIO (JAZZ FROM A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS") CHINESE DANCE" FROM "THE NUTCRACKER" BY TCHAIKOVSKY (A.K.A. THE DANCING MUSHROOMS IN "FANTASIA") CHRISTMAS IN HOLLIS" BY RUN-D.M.C. (AS HEARD IN THE LIMO SCENE IN "DIE HARD") Listen to our full Christmas bass playlist on Spotify at CRUTCHFIELD.COM/HOLIDAYSPOT BAUM BY THE VINCE TRIO (JAZZ FROM E BROWN CHRISTMAS) DANCE" FROM "THE ER" BY TCHAIKOVSKY E DANCING MUSHROOMS SIA") AS IN HOLLIS" BY (AS HEARD IN THE E IN "DIE HARD") our full Christmas bass Spotify at LD.COM/HOLIDAYSPOT EVEN CHRISTMAS MUSIC CAN BUMP Santa likes bass Sony GS Series 12" subwoofer #158GSW121D $149.99 Sound Ordnance Bass Bunker sealed enclosure #777BB1295S $59.99 Sony mono sub amplifier - 600 watts RMS #158XMGS100 $249.99 OUR TEST SYSTEM WE LISTENED TO OUR CHRISTMAS SONGS THROUGH STEPHEN'S SYSTEM, WHICH INCLUDES: Alpine 300-watt Bass Package featuring an Alpine BassLine 10" sub, an Alpine MRV-500 amp, and a Sound Ordnance Bass Bunker enclosure. #700BPKA1 $324.97 JL Audio PowerWedge+ 10" powered subwoofer #13693334 $449.99 OTHER BASS SYSTEMS OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE A t CrutchReld, we always tell our customers that adding a subwoofer will enhance the sound of their music, no matter the style or genre. So we thought itd be fun to hear how that concept works with some Christmas songs, something not usually thought of as music with much deep bass. We gathered some CrutchReld employees, played them three very dierent kinds of Christmas songs through a system with a subwoofer, and recorded some of their thoughts and reactions. A B A C BY BUCK POMERANTZ 36 Chat live one of our experts:

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