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Weve put together lots of bass packages which include matching subs, amps, and enclosures. See them at GET THE INSIDE SCOOP FROM US We try out lots of the gear we sell and get expert training from the folks who make it. See our reviews and videos at Buck always runs to the window to see if Santa's sleigh's approaching when he hears a sub bumping by. That was fun. I wouldnt have thought of that kind of demo before, or how important the bass is. For me, in the Nutcracker piece, youd lose the magic without the sub. -Dolly, Advisor At regular listening levels, it just doesnt sound as fun. But when you add in a subwoofer, its like, Okay, theres a real song here with some dynamics and impact. -Stephen, Merchandising I knew Christmas in Hollis would bump, but in general I didnt think many Christmas songs could. A sub makes a big dierence. It deRnitely adds weight to this kind of music. -Otis, Advisor It added another dimension to each song that you wouldnt notice without the sub. With the sub, I wanted to dance, not just listen. -Rob, Merchandising OUR PANEL OF LISTENERS: B C

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