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A handy knob, buttons, and factory looks The sleek design of the XAV-AX100 blends in nicely with just about any dash. And while a full touchscreen is nice, it's even nicer to crank up your tunes without having to pinpoint an exact spot on the screen with your fingertip. The stereo's dependable knob lets you make volume adjust ments on the fly without having to look at all. And the large forward/ back buttons let you conven iently move to the next or previous track on your digital media playlist, or skip to a particular spot in a song. T he XAV-AX100 digital media receiver is the Rrst Sony stereo to support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto , so you can enjoy car-friendly integration of smartphone apps and functions with a one-wire connection. It even detects what kind of device you're using automatically as soon as you plug in. You'll have access to your phone's mapping, music, voice commands, and much more through the stereo as you drive. Convenience is this stereo's cornerstone Sony bridges the gap between touchscreen-only receivers and models which also have a handy knob. The larger-than-usual 6.4" display lets you command the action through the screen and make quick, no-look adjust ments with its physical buttons. Sonic enthusiasts can tweak away with the 10-band EQ and Sony's voice-lifting Dynamic Soundstage Organizer. The stereo won't play discs, but does offer lots of ways to enjoy digital media. And it has Bluetooth for hands-free calling and wireless music streaming. Sony XAV-AX100 #158XAV100 $499.99 Sony elevates phone integration with HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS Versatility & style Three-way functionality Not only does the knob let you control the volume, it also enables quick access to the rest of the stereo's sonic settings with a tap. And if you hold down the knob's center, you'll engage the stereo's voice commands. BY DOMINIC DEVITO 40 Get deep discounts on installation gear with most car stereo orders. See

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