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A LOT of my customers ask how they can improve the sound in their vehicles without replacing the factory radio. Here are some solutions I typically offer, based on the level of sound quality they desire. Get clearer music For some people, it's as simple as replacing a couple of speakers with a higher-quality pair. With these Focal vehicle-specific speakers, you're going to get much clearer sound. If you have the right vehicle, they just drop in. And they work fantastically with a factory radio. Focal vehicle-specific speakers for select Toyota, Volkswagen, and BMW vehicles Prices range from $279.99 - $599.99 Exceed the factory limits For my higher-tech custo- mers who are adding amps but don't want to amplify bad factory sound, I'd recommend a JL Audio Fix or TwK , or both. The FiX strips away factory proces- sing, so the signal to your amp will be flat and clean. The TwK lets you then fine- tune the sound via laptop. A. JL AUDIO FiX 86 #13698103 $349.99 Tone and amplification The D-4.800 is an impressive amp for audiophiles, giving them the tweakability they want to help defeat factory flaws. Its advanced digital signal processing includes 30-band EQs and time alignment. The amp also puts out 125 watts per channel, so people who get it will likely pair it with aftermarket speakers that handle high power. AudioControl D-4.800 4-channel amp and DSP #161D4800 $699.99 Need more bass? I recommend putting in a Kicker SubStage, made specifically for your vehicle. It won't take up much space, but will provide the deep bass response you want. Kicker SubStage for select Ford, GM, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles Priced at $699.99 Find yours at MAKING WHAT YOU'VE GOT SOUND GREAT A better factory stereo YOUR WISH: BY GARRETT, CRUTCHFIELD ADVISOR B. JL Audio TwK 88 #13698101 $399.99 Find yours at A B 44 Free lifetime tech support on everything you buy from us.

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