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Superb power This Yamaha amp is for someone looking to move into the realm of seriously high-performance audio. It offers good clean power and high-quality digital-to-analog conversion - the SABRE DAC inside will do wonders for FLAC files or streaming services like TIDAL. This is also a great amp for a turntable thanks to the built-in phono preamp. Yamaha A-S801 integrated amplifier #022AS801S $899.99 Total versatility This Onkyo receiver is a go-to pick for just about anyone, because it's ready for anything. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth onboard, it's turntable-ready, and it's got a multi-zone design for speakers in two different rooms. I've recommended it for powering everything from an old set of speakers from the 1970s to brand new in-ceiling speakers for a kitchen. Onkyo TX-8160 stereo receiver #580TX8160 $399.99 For tight spaces If you're short on room but you still want great sound - think dorm room or office - this svelte NAD amp is a perfect choice. It's small but really well designed, like everything NAD builds. I've found the D 3020 to be popular with people who listen mostly to digital sources like smartphones or computers - it has Bluetooth for wireless streaming. Add a pair of bookshelf speakers or small satellites, and you've got a killer shelf or desktop setup. NAD D 3020 integrated amplifier #745D3020 $399.99 SAVE $50 Solid turntable value What's the first thing I noticed about this Audio Technica turntable? It's heavy. That means it's well built and stable. As a result, it delivers accurate sound and deep bass. The built-in phono preamp makes it ready to use with any receiver or amplifier. And you can digitize your vinyl thanks to the USB output. Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable #901LP120UB $299.99 Sale $249.99 Valid through 12/31/16 47

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