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What's the biggest difference between OLED TVs and the more common LCD TVs? OLED TVS don't need a backlight to illuminate the screen. OLED panels are self-lighting - every pixel produces its own light and color. LG's 4K OLED models have over 8 million pixels - that's 8 million independently controlled points of light. LG's 4K OLED TVs deliver a stunning HDR picture. They support both types of HDR - Dolby Vision and HDR 10 - so you can enjoy the most accurate 4K picture possible whether you're watching streamed content or Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. H ow much better can TVs get? We ask ourselves that whenever we spend time with the latest high-end 4K TVs - like LG's OLED models. After winning awards and rave reviews for the past two years, LG continues to improve and reRne their game-changing OLED screen technology. And LG is still the only manufacturer building OLED TVs. The magic is in the OLED panel You'll see picture contrast and depth on an OLED TV that you simply won't see on LCD TVs. That's the beauty of OLED technology. See the bottom of the page for details on how LG's OLED TVs create their extraordinary images. LG's OLED lineup starts with the flat-screen "B6P" series shown here. These TVs use the same OLED panels and video processing as LG's more expensive models, but cost less because their cabinets and speakers aren't quite as fancy. Built-in web apps give you instant access to a nearly limitless selection of entertainment, including streamed 4K video from Netflix, Amazon, and Vudu. 55" LG OLED55B6P #68955B6P $2499.99 65" LG OLED65B6P #68965B6P $3499.99 Check our website for the latest prices See our full selection of LG OLED TVs at LG's gorgeous OLED picture lets you... HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS 8 million points of light HDR (High Dynamic Range) BY STEVE KINDIG Look deeper 6 Call us for one-on-one help 1-800-555-9430

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