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3 ways to connect USE YOUR PHONE THROUGH YOUR IN-DASH STEREO O ne of the most frequently asked questions our advisors get is: "How can I use my smartphone with a new car stereo?" The answer depends on two things. The Rrst is which speciRc phone features you want to use in the car, such as calling, streaming music, app integration, or screen duplication. The way you connect your phone is the second concern, and that can greatly inSuence the options available. We asked three of our advisors to talk about three of the most popular ways to integrate phones with an in-dash receiver. MHL/HDMI for screen reproduction MHL stands for "Mobile High-Definition Link," and it's a technology standard for transmitting video content from one source to another via an HDMI cable. With the right combination of Android phone, cables, and receiver, such as the JVC KW-V51BT you see here, it's a convenient way to view maps, choose stored music, and pull up apps from your phone through the receiver's touchscreen (you'll need to be parked in some cases, such as when using video apps). iPhone users can also benefit from an HDMI connection, as it will allow stored video playback (while parked) and select apps to work. In some cases, extra adapters are required. JVC KW-V51BT DVD receiver #105KWV51BT $519.99 Price Break $449.99 JVC's KS-U61 MHL cable ($29.99) plugs into the KW-V51BT receiver's rear HDMI input to allow screen mirroring with Android phones. Daisy says: "MHL's great for seeing your phone on the screen." 10 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-555-8997

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