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BUYING GUIDE TELEVISIONS RAISE YOUR TV IQ FIVE QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO ANSWER TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT TV S o you're thinking about buying a new TV. Now the question is: which one? You could spend hours researching the latest devel- opments in the industry. Or better yet, leave that to us (we happen to love that stu!). We've done the work and come up with Rve simple questions to help you Rnd the perfect TV. Even if you're not sure about some of the answers, there's good news TVs have gotten so much better in the last few years, it's almost impossible to make a bad choice these days. BY STEVE KINDIG What size screen? When it comes to TV screen size, the typical recommendation is "bigger is better" - and that's really good advice. Nothing will add more to your viewing enjoyment than a big screen. Over the years we've heard from so many customers who wished they'd bought a larger TV, but we're still waiting to hear from any folks who wish they'd chosen a smaller one. In general, we suggest at least a 46" screen for your main TV, while a 32" set is usually a good minimum size for a bedroom. Learn more: crutchReld.com/screensize 1 We have screen sizes ranging from 19" to 88". Steve Kindig is Crutchfield's senior home audio/video editor. He takes his TV-watching very seriously. Learn more online: crutchReld.com/tvguide 12 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-555-8997

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