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SURROUND YOURSELF For movies and music, you cant beat a home theater system. We recommend a 5.1-channel setup to start. Choose your speakers Rrst they aect sound quality more than any other component. WHAT ABOUT THAT BASS? A must for movies Having a surround sound setup takes family movie night to the next level. With two young sons, superhero movies are always on tap at my house. Seeing their reaction when the ex plo sions happen all around them - it's awesome! -Dylan, CrutchReld Advisor DYLAN'S MOVIE MUST LIST Flicks with fantastic surround soundtracks The Avengers Guardians of the Galaxy Top Gun Tron: Legacy Jurassic Park Lord of the Rings Trilogy Star Wars (all of 'em) Some of the most exciting sound effects in home theater and music are the low frequencies. That's where a powered subwoofer comes in, ensuring you hear and feel - all that crucial bass. Most rooms are fine with a single sub. But many folks with larger listening rooms find that using two subwoofers adds greater bass impact while providing smoother, more even bass response. YOUR TICKET TO FRONT-ROW SOUND We oer lots of speakers to put together your front, rear, and center-channel combination. We often recommend Klipsch they continuously improve their designs and are a customer favorite. Their latest Reference Premiere series oers clear, sparkling sound. Check out the choices below, and call, chat, email, or visit us online for even more options. Klipsch Reference R-110SW powered subwoofer #714R110SW $549.99 Sale price $439.99 Valid through 1/31/16 F h 5 s m c Center channel This speaker has one job - reproducing crystal-clear dialogue that draws you into your movies and TV shows. It's a vital component for any home theater system. Klipsch RP-440C #714RP440CE $549.99 Sale price $439.99 Valid through 1/31/16 Rear speakers These speakers provide the ambient rear channel" surround effects that help immerse you in sound. Choose from dedicated surround speakers like these, or use bookshelf speakers. Klipsch RP240SE #714RP240SE $289.99 each Front speakers Front left and right speakers deliver the bulk of movie effects and musical scores. Plus you'll use them for stereo music listening. For smaller rooms, you can save space with bookshelf models. Klipsch RP-250F #714RP250FE $374.99 each SAVE $110 SAVE $110

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