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CENTER OF POWER All speakers need power. Thats what a home theater receiver provides, for stereo or surround setups. Its also the control center for your system, bringing all your gear together for TV, movies, music, and video games. The latest receivers also oer never-ending music options via wireless streaming and the Internet. 4 3 2 1 REASONS TO UPGRADE YOUR RECEIVER A good receiver can last many years. But if you're thinking about a new one, now is a great time to upgrade. Here's why lots of our customers are buying new receivers. Wi-Fi Most new receivers have Wi-Fi built in, which makes it easy to connect to your network. Why is that great? You can stream music (see below) and you can even control your receiver with your smartphone or tablet. Music streaming Many receivers come with Spotify , Pandora , and other streaming options built in, as well as Bluetooth for streaming music from your smartphone. 4K Many of our customers have bought a 4K Ultra HD TV and many more plan to. The latest receivers are optimized to pass 4K content from sources (like 4K cable boxes and Blu-ray players coming soon!) to your 4K TV without losing a single pixel of resolution. Dolby Atmos This technology takes surround to new levels by creating a height layer of sound above the listener. See page 21. CUSTOMER FAVORITE HOME THEATER RECEIVERS* Need help? Talk to our experts The back of a receiver can look intimidating with all those inputs and outputs. Don't worry - we can help. -Dean, CrutchReld Tech Support Yamaha RX-A550 A solid value with performance to match, the A550 delivers power for five speakers. Plus, it has plenty of up-to-date features like built-in Wi-Fi , Bluetooth , and Apple AirPlay . #022RXA550 $499.99 Price Break $449.99 Onkyo TX-NR747 With power for up to seven speakers and Dolby Atmos surround decoding, the TX-NR747 creates an immersive, lifelike home theater experience that will put a smile on your face. #580TXN747 $899.99 Denon AVR-X3200W Along with wireless audio playback from your computer, phone, or tablet, the 'X3200W lets you play music or video from different sources in multiple rooms simultaneously. #033AVX3200 $999.99 * Crutchfield.com customer ratings as of December 9, 2015 Sound tuned to your room Want better sound? Be sure to run your receivers automatic speaker calibration system. It uses an included microphone to tailor speaker performance to your room. Its a simple way to ensure precise sound. Monster QuickLock Banana Connectors #119QLGMTH2 $19.95 Easier connections We recommend attaching banana plugs to the ends of speaker cables. Theyre much easier to connect to receivers and speakers than loose strands of bare wire. 18 Need a hand deciding? 1-800-555-8997

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