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HEAR DOLBY ATMOS FOR YOURSELF Dolby Atmos wasnt just developed for home theater. In fact, its used by movie makers to create more spacious, realistic sound in movie theaters. Want to hear it in action for yourself? Go to the movies! Lots of theaters all around the country are equipped for Atmos playback. Check out Dolbys website to find one near you. TOTAL MOVIE IMMERSION Whats the most enveloping surround sound experience available? Dolby Atmos . Its a new audio format that gives movie sound a more 3D eect. Dolby Atmos adds a height layer of sound to a conventional surround setup, for eects that emanate from above your listening area. THREE WAYS TO ADD DOLBY ATMOS SPEAKERS WHAT YOU'LL NEED FOR DOLBY ATMOS Amazing demo We were treated to a real-world Dolby Atmos demo at the home of one of our colleagues from Denon/ Marantz. The sound was totally enveloping and almost overwhelming. He had four 8" in-ceiling speakers handling the overhead effects. I've been in movie theaters that didn't sound as explosive as his basement setup. -David, Home A/V editor In-ceiling In-ceiling speakers offer accurate overhead sound for Dolby Atmos while blending into your dcor. This is a great option if you're designing a new home theater, building a new home, or want the best possible listening experience. Klipsch CDT-3650-C-II in-ceiling speaker #714C3650C2 $299.99 each An Atmos capable receiver There are lots of new receivers with support for Dolby Atmos. A seven-channel model like the one shown here allows you to add two "height" speakers to your 5.1-channel setup, for thrilling floor-to-ceiling effects. Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A850 #022RXA850 $899.99 Add-on Dolby Atmos enabled add-on speakers sit on top of your existing front and rear speakers. They reflect sound off of your ceiling, creating exciting overhead effects. Use a pair with your front towers, or add another pair to your rear speakers. Klipsch RP-140SA Dolby Atmos enabled add-on speakers #714RP140SA $499.99 pair Built-in Along with their forward-firing drivers, Atmos enabled floor-standing and bookshelf speakers feature drivers on top of the cabinet that are angled facing up. They reflect sound off of your ceiling and back down to your listening position. Klipsch RP-280FA Dolby Atmos floor- standing speaker #714RP280AB $1199.99 each Sale price $959.99 each Valid through 1/31/16 SAVE $240 21

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