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STEREO SERVES THE MUSIC Interested in a "music-Rrst" system? A two-channel setup is a great option. Start with good stereo speakers and a receiver, and rediscover the joy of simply listening to music. Connect your TV and enjoy how rich and full movies and shows can sound, even without surround sound. DO I NEED A HOME THEATER RECEIVER IF I JUST WANT STEREO? We recommend a home theater receiver, even if you're just starting with stereo. That makes it easy to add more speakers without upgrading your amp. But if space is tight, or if you're shopping for a secondary room, there are some cool options. See one below. "See" the music With the right stereo system, you can close your eyes and picture each instrument, every musician, and even the position of the drum heads. It's intoxicating. -Rocky, CrutchReld Advisor CUSTOMER FAVORITES IN STEREO SPEAKERS* PSB Imagine X2T If you're looking for great all-around performers, these tower speakers will handle everything you throw at them. They're designed for accuracy, so the true sound of each instrument shines through. #760iMNX2T $649.99 each MartinLogan Motion 40 These gorgeous floor-standing speakers offer incredibly smooth sound thanks to their innovative folded motion tweeters. Acoustic instruments breathe with life. Bass response goes plenty low, too. #839MO40BC $999.99 each DeRnitive Technology StudioMonitor 55 These space-saving bookshelf speakers have opened lots of our customers' ears with their finely detailed sound. A good amp or receiver can coax big sound from this compact pair. They'll give you a large stereo image and remain accurate at high volume. #735SM55 $299.99 each SPACE-SAVING STEREO If you're putting a music system in your bedroom or guest room, a stereo receiver or integrated amp may be all you need to power your speakers. The good news is that many of these amps even have a digital input for connecting a TV. That way you can enjoy detailed, dynamic sound for movies with your stereo speakers. NAD D 3020 integrated amplifier #745D3020 $499.99 Sale price $399.99 Valid through 1/31/16 Got music? We love CDs and vinyl. But with so much music online, it's great to tap into that limitless supply. Fortunately, most new receivers and many amps make it easy thanks to built-in Wi-Fi or network connections. That means you can stream directly from services like Spotify , Pandora , free Internet radio, or from your smartphone. If you're not connecting a disc player or other physical media, look for a receiver or amp with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth . You'll never be at a loss for music choices. See page 18 for options. ROCKY'S ULTIMATE PLAYLIST Top tracks for showing off your sound system Peter Gabriel "Blood of Eden" (from Us ) Pink Floyd "Shine on You Crazy Diamond Pt. I" (from Wish You Were Here ) Radiohead "Everything in its Right Place" (from Kid A ) The War on Drugs "An Ocean in Between the Waves" (from Lost in the Dream ) The National "Bloodbuzz Ohio" (from High Violet ) * Crutchfield.com customer ratings as of December 9, 2015 22 Call us for one-on-one help 1-800-555-8997

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