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Product Spotlight: JBL Legend CP100 smartphone receiver A receiver made for smartphones Simply remarkable W hen your smartphone is the center of your entertainment universe, the device in the center of your dash needs to keep pace. JBL's Legend CP100 isn't just a digital media receiver, it's a smartphone accessory - engineered from the chassis up to mesh seamlessly with your iPhone or Android smartphone. This stuff doesn't have to be complicated, and with the Legend CP100, it isn't. This receiver works with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so no matter what type of compatible device you have, you'll be able to enjoy a streamlined, car-friendly interface while you're on the road, plus Siri and Google Voice. And it's the most affordable high-performance option for getting both in the same receiver. The 6.75" capacitive touchscreen feels like a phone screen, so it's easy to find and open the functions you want. Whether you're picking a podcast or getting directions, operation is simple and intuitive using the screen or your voice. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity lets you enjoy wireless music streaming and hands-free calling. The Legend CP100 also has a rear-mounted USB charging port, a composite input for your rear-view camera, and 2-channel preamp outputs that will come in handy when you expand your system. This digital media receiver doesn't play discs, but there is an AM/FM tuner with RDS, so you can listen to your favorite local stations. JBL Legend CP100 smartphone receiver #109CP100 $399.99 Designed for drivers, the Apple CarPlay interface makes it easy to access the iPhone features you really need without hunting around. Smartphone users can enjoy safety and ease of operation with Android Auto. Access your most important apps without taking your eyes o the road. Easy-to-understand soundshaping tools take the mystery out of the stereo tuning process. Youll be able to get the performance you want without endless Rddling. Get more info at crutchReld.com/legend 24 Find the stereos that Rt your car crutchReld.com/whatRts

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