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By Alexander Hrabe I dont need much when I hit the road. So I was intrigued by Garmins new, do-it-all nviCam LMTHD, which does triple duty as a navigator, dash cam, and driving assistant. How much would I lean on it when my phone already does so much? Turns out, plenty. Getting there just got easier As soon as I mounted the nviCam on my windshield, the appeal of a smart device dedicated to navigation was undeniable. Thanks to a vivid 6" touchscreen display, my route was easy to see, and since every upcoming street was displayed in a banner atop the screen, I never felt confused. Garmins voice control, which had a refreshing acumen for interpreting addresses and points of interest, was also a huge help. No ordinary dash cam To call the nviCam a dash cam wouldnt do it justice. Sure, it recorded the road ahead in HD for posterity (or in case of an accident), but it also helped keep my driving on point with School Zone alerts, Forward Collision Warnings, and more a near-perfect copilot. On the go with Garmin's versatile driving assistant --------------------------- The nviCam's strong suction mount, in-line antenna, and vehicle power cable made it easy to swap between vehicles. It was super- handy in a rental car. Street smarts Garmin's Smartphone Link app (free for Apple and Android devices) proved to be one of my favorite features. When I wasn't in the car, I could plan ahead and set destinations on my phone, which would sync with the nviCam via Bluetooth later. 26 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-555-8997

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