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nviCam installation was simply plug 'n' play. The Garmin BC 30 fits atop any license plate. Garmin's Real Vision, which switches the nviCam to dash cam view as you reach your destination, really helped me know exactly which drive to turn into when signs or mailboxes were hard to spot. Learn what else the nviCam can do at crutchReld.com/nuvicam Garmin nviCam LMTHD portable navigator and dash cam This super-smart companion packs a dash cam, voice-controlled navigation, traffic updates, driver warnings, and more into a slick design. And with Garmin's Smartphone Link app, you can trade travel info with your phone. nviCam navigator/dash cam #150NUViCAM $359.99 Garmin BC 30 wireless rear-view camera Give yourself a better view backing up without running cable to the front of your car. Just power it and pair it wirelessly with your nviCam or a host of compatible Garmin devices. BC 30 rear-view camera #150BC30 $169.99 Price Break $139.99 I added Garmin's BC 30 rear-view camera, which wirelessly sent the nviCam a clear picture of what was behind me, plus guidelines. Find out more at crutchReld.com/bc30 Alexander Hrabe, writer and frequent fiddler in the Crutchfield Labs, drives an older car, so updating his dash with new gear is always fun. 27

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