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Y ou can feel the lively, welcoming vibe as you walk through Kardinal Beer Hall - buzzing conver- sations around communal-style tables, sizzling bratwurst, and a percussive pulse of music. The owners had meticulous plans for the food, dcor, and Sowing taps. They turned to us for the audio/video setup. Commercial audio/video systems can Make the scene repurposed it as a German-style pub and eatery. It seats about 100 people, and holds more, so they needed a big sound system to fill the space. They also wanted a flat screen TV array that blends in with the industrial styling - a nod to the building's former life. The brothers submitted their floor plans to Crutchfield system designer Dallas. Dallas mapped out a personalized audio/video plan that would deliver acoustically and visually, while meeting the real-world needs of the business. Simple, one-wire system powers the whole place "I recommended a cost-effective 70-volt system," Dallas said. "It's best for businesses because one amplifier safely drives all the speakers - plus, it's easy to install, and just as easy to expand by adding more speakers." Dallas suggested speakers with wide dispersion, mounted at ear level, and TVs placed at optimal viewing angles. BY JEFF MILLER SEE HOW OUR PLANS CAN TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS User-friendly, space-saving control panel Nine speakers are placed throughout, so you might expect a series of confusing controls. Wrong. "Three simple knobs are placed conveniently under the bar," explained Dallas. "Just one adjusts the volume for the whole place!" Noise management at the bar "You don't want to shout at the top of your lungs to order food or drinks," said Dallas. Speakers near the bar have been capped to only produce 50% volume. This "set it and forget it" method stops staff members from cranking music too loudly, so customers and coworkers can communicate easily. Sweet sound, indoors and out Kardinal guests can drift out to the patio for fresh air, or to catch a game on the bocce court. "I ran weather-resistant outdoor speakers on the same single indoor amp," Dallas said. Now the music and atmosphere flow outdoors with you. For more pictures and details check out crutchReld.com/Kardinal Designing a custom sound system Kardinal's owners, brothers Josh and John Hunt, took a former bottling plant in downtown Charlottesville, VA, and 28 Free shipping on everything in this catalog

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