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Stereo vs. "surround" Do you just want your TV to be louder and clearer? A stereo bar is a good choice. It's a huge step up from your TV's speakers. But for more detailed, engaging sound effects, look for a multi-channel sound bar. They have five or seven audio channels, with discrete sounds assigned to each channel for more immersive, surround-like effects. Sound from every angle Some sound bars can actually reflect sound off your walls to trick your ears into thinking there are speakers all around you. Yamaha's Digital Sound Projectors are some of the best we've heard. They use directional "beam" drivers to create realistic surround effects. You can even customize their performance to your room. The bar featured below even has Dolby Atmos capability, which uses 44 drivers to reflect sound off of walls and even your ceiling. See page 5. Check out all our Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors at crutchReld.com/YDSP 2 Yamaha YSP-5600 Digital Sound Projector with Dolby Atmos #022YSP5600 $1599.99 Sonos PLAYBAR #616PLAYBAR $699 #616PLAYBAR $699 We've noticed that more and more of our customers want to use sound bars for music listening as well as TV. Fortunately, that's never been easier. Most bars now offer built-in Bluetooth , which lets you play music wirelessly from any app on your smartphone or tablet. That makes sound bars a simple, space-saving solution for TV, movies, and music. Don't forget the music g All your music at your Rngertips Some sound bars take music listening one step further, offering built-in Wi-Fi to play songs stored on your computer or from music services like Spotify and Pandora . Plus, models like the Sonos PLAYBAR can be integrated into a larger whole-house audio system by adding more speakers. JBL Cinema SB400 sound bar with wireless subwoofer #109SB400 $499.99 Sale price $449.99 Valid 1/17/16 through 1/30/16 Deep bass without a sub Don't have room for a sub but still want solid bass response? We recommend a platform-style sound bar. These are larger single-box systems that are built to rest under your TV. They have more room for dedicated bass drivers, so they typically deliver better overall bass performance than a slim, standalone sound bar. Find sound platforms at crutchReld.com/platform your Sub or no sub? If you are mostly interested in clearer TV dialogue, then you probably don't need a sub. But if you indulge in a heavy dose of thrillers, video games, and action movies, then a sound bar with a powered subwoofer is a must. The sub delivers all those low frequencies with plenty of power to add real excitement to your viewing. Lots of sound bars include a separate subwoofer. Most of these subs connect wirelessly to the bar, so you can place them just about anywhere in your room. Plus, bass effects are less directional than higher frequencies, so don't worry if you can't fit it close to your TV. All you need is to plug it into a power outlet. Sound bars with separate subwoofers at crutchReld.com/withSub 3 31

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