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Product Spotlight: LG 4K OLED TVs Out with the old... In with the OLED W e continue to be blown away by OLED picture quality. This screen technology is the future of TV, but you can enjoy it in your home right now. Although still more expensive than LCD models, OLED TV prices have dropped dramatically during the past year. Th e first OLED 4K TVs with a flat screen OLED's deep blacks and eye-popping colors earn rave reviews around the world. Limited to curved TVs until now, videophiles finally have the flat-screen version they've been waiting for. LG's EF9500 series offers the unbeatable combination of OLED and 4K Ultra HD. With four times the picture detail of 1080p HD, Ultra HD offers amazing resolution on the biggest screens. And OLED's infinite contrast ups the ante to deliver the best picture quality ever. What is OLED's secret? (Hint: It's what it doesn't have) While LCD TVs have a backlight constantly shining through a liquid crystal panel to create the picture, OLED doesn't need a backlight. Each individual OLED pixel creates its own light and can turn completely off to produce absolute black. That level of precision has never been possible and offers startlingly brilliant color and contrast. 55" LG EF9500 #68955E9500 $2999.99 65" LG EF9500 #68965E9500 $4999.99 For a detailed comparison of OLED and LCD visit crutchReld.com/OLEDvsLCD *EnergyGuide annual energy cost: 55EF9500 - $18, 65EF9500 - $21. Your energy cost depends on your utility rates and use. The estimated cost is based on 11 cents per kWh and 5 hours of use per day. For more information visit http://www.ftc.gov/energy 32 Need a hand deciding? 1-800-555-8997

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