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BY BUCK POMERANTZ The Kenwood Excelon DDX593 comes packed with many features, including wireless smartphone control. The system uses the DDX593's strong 4-volt preamp outputs to reliably and noiselessly send your music on to the amplifier for boosting. DDX593 DVD receiver #113DDX593 $349.99 A well-matched system from Kenwood Excelon: CAR BATTERY IN-LINE FUSE ON POWER CABLE To see our collection of installation gear, go to crutchReld.com/signalSow Speaking of good components, Kenwood Excelon products bring high-fidelity sound to the mobile environment, so you can have more fun on the road. Here's a system made up of components that are designed to work beautifully together to deliver the high-quality sound you want. A n upgraded sound system in your car is fun - you'll enjoy many, many hours of pleasure with new speakers, amps, and subs installed. In order to make sure your audio components perform their best, you need to make sure that the power and signal Sow between them is clear, resistance-free, and electrically secure. GOOD SOUND IS ALL ABOUT THE FLOW Making connections To the right you'll find an overview of how stereo components connect to one another, and how power and signals flow through a typical car sound system. High-quality gear and connections are both essential for achieving and maintaining healthy, high-quality sound. Helpful tips from CrutchReld We're committed to helping you choose and install your gear yourself, saving you money and instilling some pride of accomplish ment. You'll find quite a few articles and videos on our site that can guide you on your way to audio bliss, including: How to match subs and amps at crutchReld.com/matchsubamp Find the best size wire for your amp at crutchReld.com/wiregauge The circulatory system of sound 34 Hablamos espaol: 1-800-955-9039

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