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These Kenwood Excelon full-range speakers sport strong, reinforced woofer cones for wide dynamics and low distortion, and can handle 80 watts RMS with ease. They also feature silk dome tweeters that deliver all the high-frequency details without sounding harsh. KFC-X173 6" speakers #113KFCX173 $99.99 pair See the full line at crutchReld.com/kes The 5-channel X801-5 amplifier centralizes power distribution for a complete, compact solution, sending 50 watts RMS to each of four full-range speakers and 300 watts to the subwoofer. X801-5 5-channel amplifier #113X8015 $349.99 You'll enjoy high- performance bass with a Kenwood Excelon subwoofer. This 10" sub comes equipped with a heavy-duty rubber surround that allows for extra cone excursion, so it can handle 300 watts RMS all day and night. A ribbed "Square Array" pattern reinforces the cone and helps it keep its shape and tone through heavy play. KFC-XW100 10" subwoofer #113XW100 $109.99 LEFT FRONT DOOR SPEAKER RIGHT FRONT DOOR SPEAKER SUBWOOFER 5-CHANNEL AMPLIFIER LEFT REAR DOOR SPEAKER RIGHT REAR DOOR SPEAKER RECEIVER RCA CABLES (PREAMP-LEVEL SIGNAL) POWER CABLE (12-VOLT POWER) SPEAKER WIRES (AMPLIFIED SIGNAL) Buck Pomerantz has been at Crutchfield for over nine years, advising folks how to wire their systems together. GROUND CABLE (TO CHASSIS)

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