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4 ways to a smart home Samsung SmartThings make it easy BY RALPH GRAVES Get started with the Home Monitoring Kit The kit includes a SmartThings Hub, an Outlet, a Motion Sensor, and two Multipurpose Sensors. Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit #305MONKiT1 $249.99 See our selection of Samsung SmartThings at crutchReld.com/ SmartThings T here's nothing like the peace of mind a smart home can bring. It's the convenience of switching on your porch light from your car. Or keeping your family safe with motion sensors that send alerts to your phone. Samsung's SmartThings products can make it all happen. They're easy to set up and control over Wi-Fi . Plus SmartThings products are compatible with lots of other gear - from smart locks and thermostats to wireless music systems - so you can control multiple devices with a single command on your smartphone. The SmartThings Hub lets you monitor and control your devices from your smartphone - from just about anywhere. A simple control center The foundation of the Samsung home automation system is the SmartThings Hub. It connects all of your SmartThings devices to your Wi-Fi network. It also allows SmartThings to communicate with the free control app on your smartphone. You can send commands and receive alerts, keeping total control of the system in the palm of your hand. Samsung SmartThings Hub #305HUB1 $99.99 36 Chat live with one of our experts at crutchReld.com/chat

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