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1 Monitor movement in your home The SmartThings Motion Sensor can send you an immediate alert when motion is detected. You can also set it to trigger lights in response to movement using the SmartThings outlet (see below). Use the same system to save energy costs by automatically turning lights off in rooms with no activity. Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor #305MOTN1 $39.99 3 Minimize water damage Get alerts when your hot water heater or washer starts leaking, so you can act promptly to prevent serious water damage. The SmartThings Leak Sensor can also tell you when there's a sudden change in temperature, such as when a furnace fails. Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor #305H2OLK1 $39.99 Remotely turn devices on and o Automate lighting, electronics, and small appliances simply by plugging them into the SmartThings Outlet. Program it to turn on or off according to a preset schedule, or take control anytime with your smartphone. Can't remember if you turned off the lights on your way out of town? Just check the status of the SmartThings Outlet with the app. Samsung SmartThings Outlet #305OUTLET1 $54.99 2 Know when doors open Want to know when a door or window opens, or if someone enters an off-limits room (such as young children in your workshop)? This multi purpose sensor can alert you. It can also detect vibrations and send alerts when there's a knock on your door. Or set it to turn on connected lights as you enter the room. Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor #305MULT1 $39.99 Get the inside scoop We try out lots of the gear we sell and get expert training from the folks who make it. See product reviews and videos at crutchReld.com/learn 4 37

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