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THE FACTORY RADIO GOES BYE-BYE Teri disconnected her cars negative battery cable. This kept her from accidentally shorting anything out or popping fuses as she was working. The Priuss battery was located in the rear cargo area. As outlined in the MasterSheet instructions, Teri popped the gear shift panel o to access the radios trim panel. Teri applied gentle but Rrm pressure to release the radio trim panel. Trim panel tools help with tasks like these. Check out these Bojo tools on page 41. With the trim o, Teri used a socket wrench to remove the bolts that held the factory stereo in place. Lastly, Teri unplugged the factory wiring harness and the antenna cable, and then removed the factory stereo. Her Rrst steps to better sound Teri's biggest concerns were about the possibility of messing up her car, and how much time the installation would take, which were understandable for a first-timer. After going over the exclusive MasterSheet instructions we included and gathering some tools, Teri allotted some time and set up a small work table in her driveway next to her Prius. The first task of removing the factory radio really gave Teri a boost of confidence for the remaining installation. Start IN WITH THE NEW RADIO Using handy Posi-Product connectors (see page 41), Teri connected the wiring harness adapter to the radios wiring harness. Teri assembled the dash kit and secured it to the Alpine radio using hardware included with the kit. Teri Rshed the Bluetooth microphone wire through the pillar to the dash opening using Pro.Fits Wire Worm (see page 41). With all wiring and kit assembly complete, Teri connected the Alpine radio to the Toyota plugs. Planning saves time when installing a new car stereo Teri had a good step-by-step plan of attack for installing the Alpine receiver, which helped her avoid retracing steps later on. Teri completed the kit assembly and wiring connections, which included the Bluetooth microphone and a steering wheel control interface, before the radio went in the dash opening. The handsome dash kit we oer for the Prius meshes with the Toyota trim panel for a great Rnished look. A solid centerpiece A new car stereo delivers power to your speakers and serves as your media hub for the music you want access to. It often gives you more power than a factory radio, while internal processing offers up a clean audio signal for better sonic detail, which is exactly what Teri was looking for. In addition to its music variety, the Alpine CDE-W265BT receiver provides in-depth sound- sculpting tools, such as a 9-band parametric EQ and compatibility with Alpine's TuneIt app that offers acoustic settings specifically for your vehicle. Alpine CDE-W265BT receiver #500W265BT $279.99 Check it out at crutchReld.com/Alpine265 Keeping the steering wheel controls Teri installed a steering wheel interface, which enabled her to use the handy audio controls on her steering wheel with her Alpine. Axxess ASWC-1 steering wheel control interface #120ASWC1 $54.99 Save on vehicle-speciRc and universal installation gear You'll get deep discounts on installation items like wiring harnesses and dash kits when you buy a car stereo from us. Go to crutchReld.com/whatRts to choose a stereo for your car n Start

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