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THE JOY OF STEREO THIS IS WHAT'S HOT A classic with versatile new skills The Onkyo TX-8160 combines a classic stereo receiver with cutting-edge features for enjoying digital and analog music sources. The receiver's 32-bit/384 kHz DAC helps get the most from any digital audio format, including high-resolution files. You get built-in Wi-Fi , Bluetooth , and Apple AirPlay , plus a dedicated phono input for a direct connection to your turntable. There's even an optical input for connecting a TV. Onkyo TX-8160 stereo receiver #580TX8160 $399.99 Get the details at crutchReld.com/tx8160 Crafted for music lovers If you've never experienced the famously warm sound of vinyl, the Music Hall mmf-2.3 will be an eye-opener. Its minimalist design focuses on the critical components that benefit sound quality - the bearing, motor, and tonearm - not unnecessary bells and whistles. With its simple, elegant appearance and high-gloss black lacquer finish, this turntable will look and sound fantastic on top of your audio rack. Music Hall mmf-2.3 turntable #823MMF23 $499.99 Check it out at crutchReld.com/mmf23 Precise, powerful bass We love powered subwoofers that can easily plumb the depths of Hollywood blockbuster soundtracks. Yet we also want pitch-perfect, lightning-quick bass response for our music. So does SVS. Their SB-2000 (shown with the included steel mesh grille removed) gives you the best of both worlds. Its high-output 12" aluminum-cone woofer and 500-watt amplifier combine to deliver stunningly accurate bass all the way down to 19 Hz. SVS SB-2000 powered subwoofer #946SB2KBA $699.99 Learn more at crutchReld.com/SB2000 T here's something magical about a simple stereo setup. A receiver or amp, a pair of speakers, and a turntable can take your music to thrilling heights. If you've never owned a stereo system (or haven't in a while), check out this pair of products that can satisfy analog and digital music lovers. Learn more about setting up a stereo system at crutchReld.com/ stereosystem 4 Call us for one-on-one help 1-800-555-8997

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