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Go to crutchReld.com/TeriPrius to learn more about Teri's installation REMOVING SPEAKERS FROM BEHIND PANELS Teri was blown away by the dierence between the factory speaker and the new Alpine woofer. The Alpines magnet is far bigger than the miniscule factory magnet. This results in more cone movement for bigger and more impactful sound. To get at the tweeters, Teri began by peeling the door gaskets away from the pillar. Teri employed two Bojo tools to get some leverage to release the dash tweeter grilles. A panel tool helped Teri release the plastic fasteners that secured the door panels to the sheet metal. While its the not the case for all vehicles, Teri had to drill out the rivets securing the factory speakers to remove them. Make way for new speakers Like many customers I talked to in my years as a Crutchfield Advisor, Teri was a little apprehensive about the seemingly invasive procedure of removing factory speakers. But after getting a feel for what was involved, she had the aging speakers out in a matter of minutes. An upgrade she noticed right away Teri's factory speakers weren't getting any younger. Car speakers have to operate in tough, ever-changing conditions, and automakers generally concentrate on cost more than sound quality and durability for factory systems. So, it wasn't surprising Teri wasn't getting the crisp detail she longed for. New speakers can pay instant dividends when paired with the power and signal quality that aftermarket stereos from brands like Alpine offer. The speaker setup Teri went with a set of Alpine component speakers up front for improved imaging. The Prius included dash tweeter locations, which made the component speaker decision a no-brainer, since Teri could install the included Alpine tweeters in place of the stock ones. Fit was a bit of an issue in the rear doors, so Teri couldn't go with a match from Alpine. With some advice from us, she opted for a set of full- range speakers from Sound Ordnance that did fit. Teri screwed the speaker into the speaker bracket carefully, reducing the chances of the screwdriver slipping and damaging the woofer. Because of her willingness to help with our article, Teri received her gear compliments of CrutchReld. Alpine designed their Type-S series speakers for durability, efficiency, and to get the most tonal definition from even low power levels. Alpine SPS-610C 6" component speakers #500SPS610C $129.99 Start 40 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-555-8997

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