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Savings on speaker gear Speaker wiring harnesses and vehicle- specific mounting brackets are also deeply discounted when you buy a new set of speakers from us. Go to crutchReld.com/whatRts to see which speakers Rt your car. SPEAKERS GO INTO PLACE THE TOOLS FOR THE JOB Teri showed o her Rshing skills as she fed the speaker wire through the dash. This wire connected the Alpine woofer located in the door and the tweeter located in the corner of the dash. Teri screwed the round Alpine woofer into brackets designed for the Priuss 6"x9" front door openings. Because the factory door woofer shared the speaker wire from the tweeter, Teri had to snip the factory connector to combine the wires. Teri fed the speaker wire through the door grommet using a Wire Worm tool. This enabled her to link the tweeter in the dash to the door woofer. She then used some spare Posi connectors to combine the input and output wires to get a full-range signal to the woofers in the doors. Although the instructions called for re-drilling, Teri was able to use the existing rivet holes to screw the speaker/bracket assembly in place. The Alpine tweeters included brackets that could be modiRed to Rt a given opening. Teri simply used wire ties to secure the tweeters in the stock openings. Getting new speakers in the game We didn't sugarcoat it for Teri; installing new speakers wasn't going to be a simple "drop-in" job. Some modifications had to be done, which can sometimes be the case in various vehicles. After deciding the order in which she should complete each task, Teri did the necessary work to get her new speakers mounted and wired. Additional upgrades for a hybrid Although hybrids and electrical vehicles have some electrical restrictions, you can still consider adding some oomph to your sound system. A small amp, like Alpine's KTP-445A Power Pack, lets you bump up the power without exceeding the Prius's current- draw limitations. The results are in Once everything was in place and Teri cranked her system on, she immediately noticed that the new sound was cleaner and louder than her factory audio had been. She loved the fact she had a front USB port for easy access, and she was very into Bluetooth as she wirelessly streamed music from her iPhone . She was also pretty excited that she could choose the color of the stereo's lighting. Great job, Teri! Pro.Fit's Wire Worm lets you run wire in tight spaces. #042DM4533 $12.99 $6.49 with stereo purchase Posi connectors provide secure wire connections. #669PP500 $6.99 $3.49 with stereo purchase Bojo trim panel tools work on a variety of panel types. #126CR3NGL $11.99 $5.99 with stereo purchase Crutchfield's MasterSheet let Teri know what household tools she needed, like screwdrivers, a drill, and socket wrench. We also suggested some additional tools help make the installation go smoothly. The new system offers a much bolder sound that fills the entire car; I actually didn't realize how bad the factory system sounded until now. With these handy tools, the installation wasn't so bad. Teri Alpine KTP-445A compact amplifier #500KTP445A $129.99 Start

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