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IT ALL STARTS WITH THE RIGHT GEAR Y our typical 25-year-old car is ready for either a museum or a junkyard. A well-maintained 25-year-old boat, however, is still ready to rock. Our friend Tim recently purchased a MasterCraft ProStar 190 like the one pictured here, and while the boat was in good shape overall, the old stereo was toast. With help from JL Audio, we came up with a plan to replace the old gear with an all-new audio system that's made for marine use. BY JON PAULETTE Veteran motorsports journalist Jon Paulette's first summer job involved painting boat hulls in a marina. Planning makes perfect Tower speakers The boat already had a great-looking tower, so we decided to add a pair of rugged JL Audio MX770-ETXv3 tower speakers. The boat stays in the water most of the season, so a pair of JL Audio's custom neoprene speaker covers for between- outings protection is a must. MX770-ETXv3 tower speakers #13691392 $649.99 pair Speaker covers #13695672 $174.99 pair Sub, amp, and remote The portside storage hold offers a lot of useful space - perfect for fitting a JL Audio marine sub, plus an 8-channel JL Audio marine amp mounted on the bulk- head. JL Audio's remote level control allows adjust- ment from the cockpit. FS110-W5-SG-TB subwoofer #13691955 $649.99 M800/8v2 amplifier #13698359 $729.99 HD-RLC remote #136HDRLC $34.99 46 Need a hand deciding? 1-800-555-8997

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